Application Process

You have decided to go for an IAESTE internship?
Thank you for your trust in us and congratulations to this decision that might very well change your life. It sounds cheesy, we know, but it's true nevertheless - we can tell you plenty of stories that speak for themselves.

It's that easy

  1. Register on our exchange platform, fill out the profile and let us approve it.
  2. Scroll through all the open positions and let us know which job you would like to apply for.
  3. Prepare the nomination materials with our guidance and send them as soon as you are ready.
  4. We approve the material and you pay a nomination fee.
  5. Once we have received the fee, we will send your nomination to the receiving IAESTE country.
  6. Wait until we get to know about your acceptance.

Nomination Materials

  1. Job offer form (pdf from the platform)
  2. Student nomination form (can be saved from the information you provide on the platform and needs to be signed by us)
  3. Cover letter
  4. CV
  5. Transcript of records
  6. Certificate of enrollment
  7. Recommendations
  8. Portrait photo (can be the one from your CV)

Nomination Fee

We require a fee to ensure that you take your nomination seriously and are ready to go on the internship. Moreover it is a necessary support that helps us to cover our operating costs, so that we can continue to offer you these fantastic internships.

The fee amounts to 1200 DKK for non-members of IAESTE Denmark and 600DKK for active members. 200 DKK of that amount will be refunded as soon as you have sent us your report after the internship has ended.

In case of a rejection, of course you will get your money back. If you cancel without a serious reason you will not be reimbursed.