Our Service

DTU Danchip about our programme:

For all the many IAESTE interns we had at DTU Danchip, we were extremely happy. In our experience, it seems that people who come with an IAESTE internship are bright young people that are dedicated to work hard, to learn and gather experience and above all are fantastic team players. Due to the nature of our field (cleanroom based micro and nanofabrication), we require a relative long stay (preferably more than 6 months), but every time a stay is over we wish the person could stay longer.  But then again we always get inspired by the new interns. So please keep coming!

Internship Exchange

IAESTE Denmark has over 70 years of valuable experience in the exchange of trainees. We are confident that our international understanding will help to offer you the best students in the field you are looking for. Each year, the global IAESTE network provides some 3500 young scientists and engineers with important hands-on experience.

This is achieved by offering paid, study-relevant internships. In addition, students benefit from the invaluable, culturally enriching experience of working in an international setting, and the opportunity to form a large international network. As a company, you can specify what type of work you can offer and what requirements your trainee must meet. This gives you the opportunity to find a tailor-made expert for your needs and desires.

Our diligent volunteer members help you with all administrative work from sorting through applications and communicating with the other countries, to finding accommodations, assisting with residence permits and offering a social network to trainees when they arrive. However, the final choice of which intern to select lies in your hands.

Our interns can bring a new cultural perspective to your business and help your employees foster international understanding that gives you a competitive edge in today's globalised world. Through IAESTE, you have the opportunity to get to know other cultures and access new talents and networks that are otherwise difficult to reach. We look forward to helping you expand your horizons.

Become a Sponsor

We will display your logo both on print and online material and thereby provide increased attention to your company amongst students.

As we are a non-profit organisation, your sponsorship will be tax deductible.

Usually, IAESTE finds interns and exchanges directly with other countries.
If you would like to offer internships to foreign students outside IAESTE's direct framework, you will through a sponsorship have the opportunity to make use of our administrative service (work permit, accommodation etc.) without paying the ordinary fee of DKK 4000 for this service. 
This means that we help your candidate with everything that is needed for them to start their work in Denmark.