What are you doing with your room when you are leaving Denmark for some period?

IAESTE Denmark offers a subletting service to all students who want to keep their residence without having to pay the rent while they are not in Denmark. It may be because of an exchange semester, internship abroad or other reasons that students are gone from the city or the country for a longer period of time.

Your advantages if you sublet with us:

  • You save a lot of time because we are taking care of finding a subtenant for you.
  • You help a foreign incoming intern to have a place to stay while they are in Denmark.
  • We pay the rent to you, so you can be sure to receive it on time.
  • Your tenant comes in order to work in Denmark, so you will have a responsible person living in your home.
  • We match the dates for when the rooms are free with the dates for our incoming interns, so we ensure an ideal fit for your whole absence period.
  • You can always contact us in case there should arise any problems.