Information about Internships


  • Wide range of science and engineering study lines
  • Paid and relevant work
  • Summer internship to whole year stay
  • Over 85 countries


  • Understand differences between Denmark and your receiving country
  • Get inspired by another culture
  • Build an international network


  • Participate in fun social activities
  • Explore your receiving country
  • Find new friends

Open Positions

You can find our open internship possibilities on Find your dream job, read how to apply here and get in touch with us, so we can help you to get going.


Valentina about her internship in Portugal:

…not only the topic of the job was interesting, but the three months in Lisbon have been a life experience. I met interesting people not only from Portugal but also from other European countries and worldwide, so it was like to travel to those countries through their stories…

Amalie about her internship in Czechia:

At the university's chemistry department [in Brno], I participated in a research project, where I prepared samples and performed many measurements. The internship was paid which covered my rent in Brno. At home in Denmark I had subletted my dorm room through IAESTE, so I could use the surplus money to travel around to IAESTE weekends all summer after I had finished my internship.

It was beyond comparison the best summer ever, and I already know that I will apply again next summer for another internship.
IAESTE is a fantastic organisation that gives students tons of possibilities and unforgettable experiences.